1st single  "icon"


2.It's way
produced by a silent spring
mixied and masterd by Nobuki Matsui.
cover Art by Yuka Iwasaki

Price/ ¥500-

produced by poison tree records (USA)

1.Sink To See "Outsider" USA

2.Death Of A Dancer "Clock Wark Soldiers" USA

3.Munly And The Lee Lewis Harlots "Amen Corner" USA

4.Eyes Of Fire "Blood" USA

5.Boogamen "La Tensione" Italy

6.Rossi Crazy "Turn" Switzerland

7.Conan Brophy "Firewood" Ireland

8.Pacific Stereo "7Years" USA

9.Feltip Pens "Nude River" Japan

10.A Faulty Foundation "Color" Japan

11.The Venus Guns "Leadfoot" UK

12.Eric Friedmann And The Lucky Rubes "Bullets" USA

13.CR Rollyson "A Return An Alarm" USA

14.Human Cube "An Oratorio" Japan

15.Freescape "Updraft" Japan

16.Mauryanne "Nhunmrod" Switzerland

17.A Silent Spring "Communication" Japan

18.Bacterium Of Bug "R" Japan


Price/ ¥500-

compilation CD  "Royal Fuss volume One"